Tips for Joint Pain Relief During the Winter Season

Just because winter is upon us does not mean that you have to suffer your joint pain in silence. While many are taking to … [Read More]

Wish List for Healthy Joints

What better gift can you give a loved one (or yourself!) than the gift of health? While the general opinion seems to be that … [Read More]

Healthy Eating Over 50: Choosing the Right Foods

Eating well is important though all stages of life; and being over 50 is not an exception. For adults over 50, healthy eating … [Read More]

Shin Splints – What Are They and How Can You Get Rid of Them?

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5 Joint-Healthy Tips for Families

There is plenty of research that supports the negative effects of anger and stress on the body, but did you know there are … [Read More]

Sports Injury First Aid Mistakes: What NOT to Do

If you’ve been playing sports for long, whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, chances are good … [Read More]

Is Magnesium Good for Kids?

New research indicates that magnesium may be as important for bone health in children as it is for adults. Research presented … [Read More]

Kid-Friendly Snacks for Super-Strong Bones

Parents know what studies show: when kids are well-nourished they perform better in school and are better equipped to grow up … [Read More]

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